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Sam is a socially engaged individual who is an active artist painting murals. Sam often paints pictures populated by figures and painterly backgrounds, enticing a sentiment of an obscure journey.  Sam’s paintings present an evocative combination of solitary figures, collaged scenes, close-ups and obscured features.  There is a strong interest in how the painted image can draw the viewers attention to societal narratives through the balance of figuration and abstraction.

Sam also co-ran a DIY multi functional art-space called The Abacus as well as a street art project called Empty Walls.  Both projects were grassroots and sought to build relationships across various communities. Sam has also collaborated on many project across the world and continues to use their experiences to learn about people, place and environment.



‘Where Art You’ group show - PDP Gallery - Los Angeles


Education is not a crime mural project - London, UK

Cheltnam mural festival - Cheltnam - UK

Beyond Walls mural project - Lynn, Boston Massachusetts

IBUG Arts festival - Chemnitz - Germany

Sibiu mural project - Sibiu Romania

Urban Vision - Aquapendente, Italy 

Art No Cube, Craze exhibition and mural - Los Angeles, USA

The Crystal Ship mural project - Ostend, Belgium 

St.art India foundation Mural - Dharavi, India

St.art India Foundation Mural - Mokokchung, India

Amir house art residency -  Goa, India


Art United Us - Odessa,  Ukraine

UPEART mural  festival - Turku, Finland

Still.Bruch art project - Tuefelsberg, Berlin, Germany

IBUG Urban arts festival - Chemnitz, Germany

Festival Inspire public Mural - Moncton, Canada

Sibiu mural project - Sibiu, Romania

Past Present and Future - 1963 Gallery, London, uk

Sub-streets Urban art show - SUBgalleria - Sao Paulo, Brazil

WHAT THE WEEKEND IS GALLERY - The Art union, Berlin, Germany

Solo Exhibition:  Victims of Circumstance -  1963 Gallery, London, uk

Berlin Papers -  A  paper works group show of Berlin based artists - Santiago de Chile


Mural commission - Linc-Cymru Housing Association  -  mural raising awareness of empty buildings and homelessness in Wales, Cardiff, Wales

IBUG urban arts festival - West Saxony, Germany


Empty Walls mural festival - Cardiff, Wales

Smoke with out fire - Joint exhibition with Helen Bur, The Abacus art space, Cardiff 

Mural commission - Cardiff Council, Cardiff, Wales


Empty Walls Mural Festival - Cardiff - Wales

The exhibitionists - National Museum Wales, Cardiff

Graduate - Wales Millennium centre - selected by artist Pete Fowler


Helen Gregory Memorial travel grant

Arts council of Wales Project fund for Empty Walls festival


The Abacas Arts space

Empty Walls  Mural Festival - Cardiff, Wales